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How Clients Hire: LinkedIn Edition

By April 15, 2015April 16th, 2020No Comments

LinkedIn is quickly moving up the hierarchy of potential attorney hiring activities.

30% of corporate counsel point to LinkedIn as the best website of all the sites they visit—6 times greater than any other. No other site registered more than 5%. Corporate counsel say LinkedIn offers a vetted source of analysis, opinions, and commentary from connections they know and trust—making them take notice and initiating dialogue with those attorneys with the most compelling insight.

Corporate counsel are actively expanding their network with the goal of broadening their knowledge base.

Being the Voice Corporate Counsel Seek

Corporate counsel are always looking for ideas, insights, and new thinking which impact their business issues. LinkedIn is not the source of breaking news. But it is the place for the first analysis, bold opinions and a clear voice. Corporate counsel are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to find these voices.

Riding LinkedIn’s Growing Hiring Influence

Invite every single client you have worked with in the last 3 years to connect, and be sure to insert their name in the invitation to personalize the message. Send a LinkedIn invite to every potential client the same day you meet—not only will you be connected—you will appear committed, proactive, and responsive.

These connections give you the opportunity to go beyond networking to offering curated content, a far greater hiring influence.

Showing You Have Your Finger on the Relevant Pulse

Start by posting short articles or thought pieces. No time? Comment on and share articles. Corporate counsel like connecters too. You will need 6 or 7 shared items to start gaining traction. Over time clients and potential clients will start to recognize you as having your finger on the relevant pulse.

And, LinkedIn itself may be a motivating factor to start now. LinkedIn is introducing Elevate—a new product designed to share articles and postings across all media—which will only accelerate LinkedIn’s influence as an attorney hiring factor.

It starts with a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: Share. 


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