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51.7% of CMOs Have Switched AORs—More to Come

By October 5, 2015April 16th, 2020No Comments

Winning clients isn’t the main problem for agencies—keeping them is. AORs are replaced on a 3- to 4-year rotating basis. Nearly half of CMOs point to poor client service as the leading driver for switching AORs.

High churn rates indicate agencies are predominantly involved in individualized—not institutionalized—relationships. These project- or person-based relationships are not sustainable long term.

Most agencies are focused on showcasing how well they can integrate their capabilities; they are highlighting their digital prowess, social media experience, and UXD talent.

In an industry where agency churn is the norm, touting your capabilities instead of focusing on your client leaves you in the role of vendor—not a trusted (and embedded) partner.

The Number 1 Way to Get Hired—and Fired

Superior service is the number 1 factor considered by CMOs in agency hiring.

Agencies able to harness the power of superior client service reap better relationships with clients—and financial performance—including:

       30% higher profitability
       7% rate premiums
       35% higher client retention

Superior service goes far beyond being responsive and having chemistry—this is a systematic approach to service delivery.

More than just a nice-to-have: without it, agencies put their relationships at risk.


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