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Your RFP Go/No Go Checklist for Winning the Best Work

By January 28, 2015April 16th, 2020No Comments

Last week’s blog post was a call to action for law firms to reframe thinking about RFPs from lost soul of business development to bastion of opportunity to win work. All it takes is some love and respect—and a touch of strategy.

Businesses thrive on making targeted, clear decisions. Strategic dabbling just doesn’t work. The same approach is true when reviewing and assessing RFPs. Not every opportunity is created equal. Other professional services firms (the Big 4, management consultants, financial services) live and die by using clear and decisive criteria when deciding which RFPs merit a response—and which do not. These organizations generate more business, develop more long-term clients, and drive improved performance by using formal, objective criteria to assess each opportunity. And live by it.

BTI has crafted a downloadable, customizable Go/No Go Checklist for law firms to use when assessing RFPs and pitch opportunities. These criteria eliminate personal biases, potentially unprofitable clients, and wasted resources from the RFP approach. The criteria drive more business for the same or less effort.

Click here to download the complete, customizable and complimentary RFP Go/No Go Response Checklist for your firm.


In our next post, we will discuss the keys to crafting a killer RFP response.

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