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The Mad Clientist

Every Step You Take… I’ll Be Watching You

By April 24, 2014April 16th, 2020No Comments

Nothing leaves a stronger imprint on clients than experience. Nothing.

Apple continues to maintain its stronghold on brand value in Forbes’ annual list of Most Valuable Brands even as consumers start to grumble about whether or not Apple remains truly innovative. But Apple still delivers an experience no other brand can match, let alone surpass.

Professional services firms work in the murkier world of soft assets—people, knowledge, skills. These same people, knowledge and skills define your brand. The experience your people, knowledge and skills deliver to clients—directly and indirectly—set their expectations for your firm now and in the future. It’s how you win work, distinguish your firm from others and form client relationships.

Every action you take influences and defines your brand. In today’s world, managing client experience is a daunting task. Client touch points are seemingly endless:

Interactions define the client experience

Every interaction clients have with every single person in your firm is a branding opportunity—use these interactions to imprint an experience which will truly drive new business and future growth.


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