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The Mad Clientist

4 Innovative Actions to Add Outsized Value Today

By April 17, 2014April 16th, 2020No Comments

You can start the march to add outsized value and boost client service today. Ok, maybe Monday.

Start slow and be selective. Focus on your largest clients. You can mix and match where you feel comfortable—but no matter how you move ahead—embrace at least one of these client building strategies:

  1. Offer to sit in on your client’s new product development and planning meetings. 
    Your goal is to spot IP protection opportunities early and look for regulatory issues early in the process to speed time to market.
  2. Meet with clients to triage new matters coming in the door on a regular basis. 
    Clients report a jump in new matters. You can help with very early case assessment and streamline the path to reduce cost with better outcomes.
  3. Develop individual marketing plans for each of your firm’s largest clients. 
    Large clients are magnets for almost every law firm looking for new business. Protect your flank and lay out your plan to protect your most prized asset.
  4. Arm partners with tools to communicate their understanding of the client’s business to the client. 
    Many firms are capturing business intelligence on clients but few partners actively share this understanding. Talk shop with your client early and often. 

Law firm partners are in the field executing on these tactics now. These approaches are battle-tested and deliver. But they only work if you are the first to offer. All the more reason to start today—ok—Monday.


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