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The Mad Clientist

BTI at LMA 2014—Clientelligence: The Cold, Hard Facts on What Your Clients Really Want from Your Firm

By March 10, 2014April 16th, 2020No Comments

The strongest market driver for you is what your clients—and your potential clients—want. BTI draws on its unrivaled research and work with market leaders in virtually every major profession to define how superior client service accelerates profits for law firms. Michael B. Rynowecer not only paints a picture of exceptional client service at best-in-class law firms, he gives you the tools to help your firm thrive as a client-service leader. BTI brings together new research with over 600 corporate counsel, 120 law firm CMOs and 300 leadership partners to break down:

  • How law firms measure up on client service—by name
  • 8 practices plaguing client feedback initiatives
  • 9 success factors driving best-in-class client service programs
  • 8 trends driving the 2014 legal market—and how to use them to your advantage

Michael Rynowecer will lead this highly interactive session combining in-depth analysis of 2014 market trends and world-class client service programs at the best-run law firms.

See more from the session here: Clientelligence: The Cold, Hard Facts on What Your Clients Really Want