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6 Secrets to Becoming an All-Star

By February 12, 2014April 16th, 2020No Comments

You may think you have what it takes to be a Client Service All-Star, but clients—the only true judge of client service excellence—are the gatekeepers to this exclusive list.

Each year, BTI interviews more than 300 corporate counsel to identify the individual attorneys best at delivering superior client service. Clients provide their feedback unprompted—meaning BTI doesn’t provide a list of law firm or attorney names; we simply ask them “Who provides you with the absolute best service?”

BTI’s Client Service All-Stars, currently in its 13th year, tracks exactly why clients single out one attorney over another.

6 Secrets to Becoming a BTI Client Service All-Star

1.  Client Focus Reigns Supreme
There is no faster way to earn client loyalty than providing truly client-focused service. The trick lies in understanding how the client defines client focus. Hint: it’s not about providing them with the best legal advice. More than half of the BTI Client Service All-Stars earn recognition through their unequivocal dedication to client focus.

Next time you start a matter, ask yourself these questions to check your client focus alignment:

  • Did I confirm my client’s ultimate goal—in writing—to ensure we are working towards the same objective?
  • What business issues do I need to take into account before I provide a recommendation?
  • Are there factors my client hasn’t considered which will impact my approach or their desired outcome?

2.  Innovation = Differentiation
Clients view innovation as a primary driver of efficiency and growth (top goals for corporate counsel in 2014). True innovators are dedicated to creating and delivering new and improved approaches to legal work.

14% of attorneys earn their place on the BTI Client Service All-Stars by delivering greater value through forward-thinking solutions to client objectives:

  • Helping clients streamline increased caseloads
  • Providing unique deal structures for transactions
  • Changing staffing models to more efficiently manage work

3.  Business Understanding, a Rare—Sought Out—Ability
At the end of the day, General Counsel are responsible for making sure their company’s business remains protected. This demands legal advice is vetted out to consider all business impacts.

13% of the 2014 BTI Client Service All-Stars are masters of delivering strategic, pragmatic legal advice. Using past experiences and keeping a finger on the pulse of their clients’ industry, these standout attorneys help corporate counsel:

  • Comply and better prepare for emerging industry regulations
  • Outpace competitors by protecting, leveraging or expanding proprietary revenue-generating assets
  • Mitigate and manage common risks

4-6.  The Rest of the Best
Corporate counsel recognize 3 additional signs of high-performance client service: Legal Skills, Outsized Value and Outstanding Results, accounting for 18% of the reasons behind a superior client service performance.

Learn more about the secrets to becoming an All-Star by downloading your complimentary copy of the report: BTI Client Service All-Stars 2014.



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