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The Mad Clientist

If Bezos Bought a Law Firm

By August 7, 2013April 16th, 2020No Comments

A few changes clients and partners might see if Jeff Bezos bought a law firm:

  • Clients can join Legal Prime for a $79,000 annual fee to get answers to their questions within 2 business days—(subject to terms and conditions)
  • Clients and partners jumping online to write reviews—creating another leading directory
  • Deliverables immediately appear on your Kindle and in the cloud
  • Recommended lawyers for your specific type of case
  • Recommended books to read related to your case
  • Books being read by other similar defendants and plaintiffs
  • Books being read by your clients
  • One click payment for service
  • Clients paying their bills with American Express points directly from the Amazon law website
  • Clients can easily send your services as a gift—with a personal note
  • Recently tried cases and matters
  • Introducing the Legal Marketplace: offering smaller and specialty law firms more access to clients
  • Frequently bought together: other services clients buy when acquiring your current service offering
  • Suggestions for other matters your clients might enjoy

Of course the industry could take another turn if Hotwire purchases a law firm: you only learn the name of your law firm after you buy from the lowest bidder.


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