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The Mad Clientist

Insight is to Primary as Creativity is to Secondary

By July 31, 2013April 16th, 2020No Comments

The Oxford English Dictionary defines insight as understanding “the inner character or hidden nature of things; a glimpse or view beneath the surface.” This ability to see beyond the surface and truly understand what your client needs separates the primary provider from a secondary provider, bringing with it the opportunity for 2 to 4 times greater fees.

During BTI’s most recent in-depth survey, 300 corporate counsel described their primary law firm’s 3 most outstanding qualities:

Primary Law Firm Attributes

Each of these same corporate counsel then described their secondary law firm’s 3 most outstanding qualities:

Secondary Law Firm Attributes

Secondary law firms who convert their creativity and entrepreneurial nature into insight have the greatest opportunity to become a primary firm. To defend their position—and the fees billed at 2 to 4 times those of secondary firms—primary law firms are developing an intuitive understanding of their clients to deliver more penetrating insights.


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