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The Mad Clientist

Why Clients Recommend Law Firms: Client Service x 5

By July 24, 2013April 16th, 2020No Comments

Superior client service drives 58% of clients to recommend their primary law firm. In fact, client service inspires peer recommendations 5 times more than any other factor. 

Clients look for a range of behaviors and actions to define superior client service, including:

  • Working to change the outside counsel relationship
  • Considering new approaches to staffing 
  • Anticipating needs
  • Exceeding your client’s level of urgency
  • Embracing client’s new goals—especially to settle as much litigation as possible
  • Overcoming obstacles and making things happen
  • Clear, concise, quick and always insightful communication

Despite every change in the market and economy, client service continues to define the law firm relationship and serve as a core differentiator. This overwhelming truth can drive growth in virtually any firm—especially in a market where only 31.4% of clients recommend their law firms. You have the opportunity to set the standard for client service for each of your clients—bringing you a coveted primary relationship with all the benefits. 


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