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13 Striking Opportunities for 2014

By December 16, 2013April 16th, 2020No Comments

Silver linings are often lost in the headwinds of difficult market conditions. BTI’s in-depth interviews with more than 300 corporate counsel ferret out the opportunities offering rays of sunshine—and new business.

The 13 best opportunities to drive growth in 2014 include:

  1. Corporate counsel expect litigation matters to surge by 62%
  2. Global companies’ legal spend grows at 7.2%
  3. IP Litigation will lead the market in growth and rates
  4. Regulatory work will rival IP Litigation in growth and rates
  5. Corporate counsel embrace early case assessment—with a vengeance
  6. Clients move work in-house—a hidden opportunity to help clients recruit and train their new senior staff
  7. Larger companies harbor a healthy appetite for mid-size companies who can add revenue or technology
  8. Labor & Employment shows increasing strength for the 5th year in a row
  9. Law firms are providing more marketing and BD support to partners
  10. Savvy law firms offer top clients concierge-level service tailored to individual clients—and clients love it
  11. Corporate counsel show heightened interest in the unintended impacts of social media
  12. Law firm marketers—and partners—are using more targeted marketing and BD tactics
  13. Only 31.4% of clients are truly satisfied with their primary law firm—now’s the time to unseat the competition

Law firms can use each opportunity to develop more business and improve client service at the same time.

We will be discussing these opportunities and more in our upcoming webinar on January 16 at Noon Eastern. You can learn more or register here.

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