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Client Service Slugfest: Battle of the Heavyweights

By February 8, 2012April 16th, 2020No Comments

Today’s law firms are on the ropes. Fierce competition and ever-increasing client expectations force law firms to bob, weave, jab, parry and counterpunch just to stay in the fight. Not surprising, client satisfaction rates have taken a hit and few law firms prove they have the discipline and agility required to reclaim clients’ hearts and be client service heavyweights.

In BTI’s newest report, The BTI Client Service All-Stars 2012, 272 attorneys from 169 law firms earn a client service nomination – unprompted and by name – from corporate counsel. Law firms such as Jones Day and Skadden fly to the top of their weight class – Skadden boasts 8 attorneys and Jones Day an impressive 6 attorneys earning recognition for their client service prowess. But plenty of law firms are punching above their weight class. 104 law firms from outside the AmLaw 100 are home to at least one Client Service All-Star and proving they are just as much client service heavyweights as their larger counterparts.

BTI applauds the individual attorneys on their nominations to The BTI Client Service All-Star Team, and gives a special nod to the 152 law firms who earn recognition in both The BTI Client Service All-Star Team and BTI’s industry-leading report The BTI Client Service A-Team which recognizes superior client service at the firm-wide level.

You can learn how these law firms differentiate themselves with the strategic use of client service and see how you match up against the heavyweights in The BTI Client Service All-Star Team and The BTI Client Service A-Team.

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