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The Mad Clientist

In the War Room

By November 20, 2012April 16th, 2020No Comments

Under the streets of London, a veritable maze of closed-door rooms became the hub of Britain’s military planning during World War II. While the earth shook above them, Churchill’s top officials waged war, gathering intelligence and clandestinely directing thousands of tactical maneuvers. The war room buzzed.

Similarly, behind closed doors and amidst a seemingly endless stream of disappointing economic prognostication, corporate leadership are plotting their own course for a better, brighter 2013. Savvy, cash-rich organizations, increasingly comfortable with (or perhaps entirely impatient of) global uncertainty are making plans. Downtrodden markets present the perfect opportunity for smart and surreptitious strategizing. External turmoil be damned, there is a new future in store for next year’s legal market: one which will leave the unprepared reeling from the exhaustion of trying to keep up.

The 7 Things You Need to Know for 2013

  1. GCs move into position on the front lines of company strategy
  2. Stealth strategic planning lifts prospects for M&A, Corporate and Securities
  3. Political and financial instability sustains Regulatory momentum
  4. Persistent economic challenges spark more Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  5. Litigation “Resolution Revolution” tempers outside counsel spending
  6. Investments in internal legal department drives more strategic use of outside counsel
  7. Value overtakes cost control as clients’ top goal for 2013

Learn more about mission-critical trends impacting clients in BTI Premium Practices Forecast 2013: The Survey of Legal Spending.

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