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The Mad Clientist

New Ways of Navigating Today’s Legal Market

By January 25, 2011April 16th, 2020No Comments

Savvy law firm leaders can define new ways of navigating today’s legal market by drawing on a combination of proven tactics and innovative best practices including:

  1. Systematic client feedback every 18–24 months
  2. Quarterly in-person meetings with each attorney’s top 5 clients
  3. Client-specific profiles on the firm intranet, replete with preferences from communication-style to level of detail included in invoices
  4. Brief, relevant highlights of anticipated changes and how they impact your clients distributed online, by email or social media
  5. Draft invoices to share with clients before submitting them for payment
  6. Targeting precise areas of growth within your practice (e.g., Securities Litigation with Energy companies or opportunistic mergers in the Telecom industry — read BTI’s Litigation Outlook 2011 and BTI’s Premium Practices Forecast 2011 for more ideas) 
  7. Monthly and event-driven client team meetings to discuss changes in client’s goals, objectives and business needs and identify at least one specific growth opportunity



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