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The Mad Clientist

The 30 Law Firms Giving Clients the Best Pitch

“Very focused on our business and industry.” Senior Corporate Counsel, Large Tech Company “Thoroughly analyzed our case and provided a very detailed presentation. It was impressive.” Deputy General Counsel – Litigation, Leading Financial Service Organization “Very effective in building a presentation around our unique legal needs and how they can…
Michael Rynowecer
March 15, 2023
The Mad Clientist

RFPs Hit a Screeching Halt

Everyone hates RFPs. Clients. Law firms. And now clients are changing how they use them. They are not. Like so many things arising from the pandemic era — we are looking at extremes. Only 11.2% of clients are preparing to issue an RFP, with another 10.2% thinking about it. This…
Michael Rynowecer
March 8, 2023
The Mad Clientist

17 Top Reasons Lawyers Don’t Call Their Clients

High-quality voice dialogue between clients and their relationship partners remains rare. Only 21% of clients report a high-quality ongoing dialogue with their main partner outside of a matter-related discussion. This leaves a lot of room to develop client relationships. But outside attorney reluctance to call runs rampant. Here are the…
Michael Rynowecer
March 1, 2023