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The Mad Clientist

18 Best of the Best Law Firms in IP Litigation

Growth in IP Litigation continues. Research reveals 6 primary reasons, including: Copyright infringement by AI apps, software and tools Trade secrets More aggressive defense of IP due to strategic values Clients want law firms who: Are aggressive and creative in assessing both AI related claims and defenses Strategies for protecting…
October 31, 2023
The Mad Clientist

62 Law Firms Most Feared in Litigation

Aggressive, perplexing, previously unseen, and occasionally bizarre — these are the words clients use to describe litigation. And who better to defend, or in some cases, initiate legal action than The Fearsome Foursome? These are the firms striking the deepest fear into the hearts of seasoned general counsel and legal…
Michael Rynowecer
October 4, 2023
The Mad Clientist

The 46 Firms Most Feared in Litigation

Uncertainty and fear are often linked. With uncertainty as the dominant theme — The BTI Fearsome Foursome stand out more than they ever have. Undaunted by the unknown — their innate move is to rely on their resolve. Top legal decision makers single out 46 firms they don’t want to…
Michael Rynowecer
October 5, 2022