For 30 years, we’ve helped our clients strategically drive revenue, boost performance, attract and retain clients, develop more business in new and existing markets, and create enduring relationships with our data-driven customized programs and solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific and unique needs.

Helping you build robust and enduring client relationships the right way

With customized world-class and data-driven client feedback solutions

Client Feedback 

We help reveal powerful and defining client insights you simply can’t get anywhere else through world-class feedback.

Business Development

We help you and your firm catapult your business development skills, culture, and mindset—fast.

Client Service

We help you redefine how and what clients think about you and your law firm today and for the future. 

Latest Insights

We examine the market from your client’s perspective to help you benchmark how clients acquire law firms.

Latest Insights from The Mad Clientist

The Mad Clientist

5 Books and 1 Short Read to Add to Your Thinking for Summer and Beyond

Book sales soared as the pandemic unfolded. They entertain, teach, help you improve, and sometimes just provide an escape. I recommend 5 books with a focus on making the workplace better, becoming better leaders, and improving management for organizations who have grown dramatically. These books are generally considered to be…
The Mad Clientist

Your One Minute Hack to Boost Client Service

Early in my career, I was invited to a project kickoff meeting at a global chemical company. As the meeting started, a client executive looked at me and said “As our guest today, would you like to give the safety minute?” I suggested when anyone was flying, upon deplaning, always…
The Mad Clientist

5 Client Facing Facts I Want to Shout From the Rooftops

It’s been an amazing run. And it may just keep going. But, clients report 5 little-noticed circumstances enabling law firms to either keep the surge going for years — or cut it short at the end of the next matter. 5 factors reveal why some firms will enjoy streams of…
The Mad Clientist

7 Novel Approaches To Winning The War For Talent

The days of having the pick of the recruiting litter ended in an instant. Law firms have largely relied on reaching a bigger pool of talent — with little effort to create inbound leads. Opening new offices doesn’t increase the flow of inbound candidates. The firms able to create a…
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