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For 30 years, we’ve helped our clients strategically drive revenue, boost performance, attract and retain clients, develop more business in new and existing markets, and create enduring relationships with our data-driven customized programs and solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific and unique needs.

Helping you build robust and enduring client relationships the right way

With customized world-class and data-driven client feedback solutions

Client Feedback 

We help reveal powerful and defining client insights you simply can’t get anywhere else through world-class feedback.

Business Development

We help you and your firm catapult your business development skills, culture, and mindset—fast.

Client Service

We help you redefine how and what clients think about you and your law firm today and for the future. 

Latest Insights

We examine the market from your client’s perspective to help you benchmark how clients acquire law firms.

Latest Insights from The Mad Clientist

67 Firms Best at Cost Control — And You’ll Never Guess Why

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
Say goodbye to protracted rate negotiations. You can also skip the mandatory rate cuts, RFPs, elaborate reporting protocols, stringent oversight, and micromanagement — all of which are the typical reaction to cost control. The days of draconian cost management are over for now. “I have complete confidence the cost will…

Dissecting Law Firm Strategic Planning — 11 Take-Aways

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
Strategic planning graduated from mandatory monotony to mission-critical. Law firms have more money at risk than ever — and the future is made up of bets and choices. These bets include markets, talents, changing demands of law firms by attorneys and clients — and the free-for-all developing as law firms…

Law Firm Leaders Tackling 13 Strategic Issues — 4 Dominate

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
Law firm leaders are getting their arms around 13 issues impacting their strategies — 4 dominate. Based on the survey my longtime friend and collaborator, internationally recognized law firm consultant Patrick McKenna, and I conducted with more than 200 law firm leaders — we uncovered the top strategic issues standing…

Law Firm Client Service Plunges — 7 Reasons Why

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
Every year, we ask more than 300 corporate counsel about the law firms they recommend to a peer — no name, prompts, or suggestions provided. It’s all organic. The results: Only 35% recommend their primary law firms to a peer — down from 69.1% a mere 4 years ago. This…
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