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For 30 years, we’ve helped our clients strategically drive revenue, boost performance, attract and retain clients, develop more business in new and existing markets, and create enduring relationships with our data-driven customized programs and solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific and unique needs.

Helping you build robust and enduring client relationships the right way

With customized world-class and data-driven client feedback solutions

Client Feedback 

We help reveal powerful and defining client insights you simply can’t get anywhere else through world-class feedback.

Business Development

We help you and your firm catapult your business development skills, culture, and mindset—fast.

Client Service

We help you redefine how and what clients think about you and your law firm today and for the future. 

Latest Insights

We examine the market from your client’s perspective to help you benchmark how clients acquire law firms.

Latest Insights from The Mad Clientist

11 Best Practices to Make Your Industry Groups Thrive

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
Virtually every new regulation and court decision brings unique industry-specific impacts. Your ability to bring this insight is the difference between being invited in without competition or being left out of the conversation. And — getting much higher rates. The Most Lucrative Differentiator Understanding your client’s industry is the most…

Clients Single Out the Law Firms on the Leading Edge: Helping Clients Implement Strategic Change

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
More than 80% of clients are going through a business transformation. 67% of corporate counsel are playing a mission-critical role in this transformation — and they single out the law firms best suited for this high-value new and novel work. These firms are best at delivering on the all-new expectations…

7 Top Insights and Takeaways from our Market Outlook and Client Service Review Webinar

| The Mad Clientist | No Comments
Law firms understanding the 2024 market drivers will perform exceptionally well. Others will be hit or miss. Corporate counsel love the challenges of the market drivers and want law firms who can relate to why they enjoy the work — as well as their core needs. The ability to meet…
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