Michael B. Rynowecer

I admit it.
I am The Mad Clientist

I have conducted and directed more than 20,000 client feedback interviews and interviewed 5,000 of the best and biggest rainmakers. I use all this to do one thing – help my clients grow their clients. My love of strategy and hitting the sweet spot with clients in revenue generation led to starting BTI more than 30 years ago.

Every week, you can find me sharing legal industry news, actionable and critical insights from BTI’s independent research, powerful client analytics every firm can use, market outlook commentary and much more at my blog—The Mad Clientist.

As President and Founder of BTI, Michael has drawn on in-depth independent research to develop high-impact client feedback programs, brand preference and perception rankings, innovative business development counsel and a wide-range of strategic consulting to organizations who want to improve performance and drive growth. Throughout his career, he has been a trusted advisor to top legal decision makers. His clients include 6 of the Fortune 10 as well as more than 200 professional services firms across the globe.

Michael is also a fixture in the business press, commenting on markets, trends and strategies. He has written extensively about BTI’s world-class client feedback methodology and about the ‘17 Activities’ that BTI’s research has revealed as statistically proven to drive superior client relationships. His most recent book Clientelligence® is a definitive guide of powerful insights for client acquisition, retention, new business and revenue generation. Rated by Kirkus Reviews as a “treasure trove of useful intelligence for business improvement,” the book details research-backed and unique activities for firms to embark upon to drive superior client relationships.

Michael has authored more than 40 publications on all aspects of client relationships, client service, client feedback, business development and strategy.

  • BSBA Syracuse University

  • MBA Babson College

  • 10 Years, Practice Leader, Pwc

  • Founded BTI in 1989

  • Expertise in Client Feedback, Business Development & Client Service for 30+ years

Latest Insight from The Mad Clientist

The Mad Clientist

Followers Flock to Law Firm LinkedIn Sites

Top legal decision makers want to learn more about what’s going on at their law firms and stay on top of thought leadership. These are just 2 reasons why growth in law firm followers on LinkedIn is rising faster than law firm revenue and profits. Followers can discover what direction…
The Mad Clientist

Clients: ESG is a Millstone Around My Neck – 4 Ways You Can Help

The quote above is at an extreme, but there are more top legal decision makers at this end of the spectrum than not. This is especially true in the following industries: Industrial Manufacturing Food Agriculture Consumer Products Mega Brands Chemicals Oil & Gas Power Generation Tier 1 Auto Supply Chain…
The Mad Clientist

Why Rates Are Only the 2nd Biggest Issue Rubbing Clients the Wrong Way

Rates are sky-high and only heading higher. Client concern about rates is gaining momentum. But they tell us they are more troubled by a much bigger issue — 45% say their law firms are not fully invested in the relationship or the matter. To take things further, men and women…
The Mad Clientist

50 Midsize Firms Clients Say Deliver Superior Client Service — The BTI Midsize Client Service Masters

Corporate counsel point to 50 midsize and smaller firms as delivering superior client service. Clients are using more midsize law firms than ever. With demand well in excess of supply and Big Law at capacity, midsize firms are getting some of the best opportunities for new work they have seen…