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The BTI Practice Outlook 2023:

Target the New Work and Business Development

Strategies for an Uncertain Economy

Previously unseen matters are pouring in along with the old — soaking up a good portion of spending.

And clients are seeing more and more reasons to relook at M&A — not to mention the record backlog. Combine this with in-house attrition and retention issues — it all adds up to big spending for outside counsel.

The legal spending fire hose is still open. But it is more targeted than the last 2 years. More money will flow to outside counsel.

The BTI Practice Outlook 2023 is your guide — and the gold standard — for laying out the next phase of legal markets — as our research has been for 31 years. In use by more than 200 law firms, this is the source to map out your business development with precision.

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The most successful law firms are already using these trends to their immediate advantage.

Learn how they can turbocharge your client development and firmwide growth — starting today!

Winning law firms are honing their message for each practice — and the standouts have industry specific messages.

They are bringing new strategies and brainstorming with clients. But, these are tuned to the clients who want to know your strategy — and those who want your interpretation of the problem.

You can learn what clients want in each practice in the just released
BTI Practice Outlook 2023.

The Best Opportunities

BTI’s Practice Roadmap

Explore our in-depth look at how companies are changing the way they allocate their legal budgets in 2023 — and what impact these changes will have on the opportunities available to law firms.

Learn the distinct set of characteristics for each practice and use them to your advantage to develop premium work with the most effective strategies.

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Find the Hot Spots By Industry

BTI’s Industry Opportunity Matrix 2023

Our most popular — and powerful tool. And one of the most in-demand tools used by law firms. We take our analysis one step further and break down legal spending by 18 industries and 15 practices.

Quickly spot spending surges and get the inside story on why and how to capture the work.

Only in BTI Practice Outlook 2023: Target the New Work and Business Development Strategies for an Uncertain Economy.

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BTI offers several convenient billing options, including deferred billing or payment plans.

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Join the more than 200 law firms relying on the BTI Practice Outlook 2023 as their definitive guide to the market.

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BTI Practice Outlook 2023 is based solely on in-depth telephone interviews with leading legal decision makers. This comprehensive analysis trends data from more than 19,000 corporate counsel client interviews conducted over the span of 20 years.

This research is independent and unbiased — no law firm or organization other than BTI sponsors this study.

Each year, BTI reaches out to a strategically designed group of top legal decision makers at large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. We target the decision makers in the industries who spend the most on legal affairs as well as thought leaders and innovative Chief Legal Officers. Our survey also includes Chief Legal Operating Officers and business executives who hire and influence the selection and hiring of law firms.

Participants are granted confidentiality at the individual and organizational level.

Executive Summary

BTI Practice Outlook 2023: Target the New Work and Business Development Strategies for an Uncertain Economy is your only guide to outside counsel spending as corporate counsel work off the backlog and face the surge in their legal needs.

Guide your business development plans with precision straight from your clients — and your potential clients. Learn how they plan to divvy up their increase in outside counsel spending — and the tactics and tips to win the new business.

For a more in-depth look at the BTI Practice Outlook 2023, download a complimentary copy of the executive summary or reach out to BTI Consulting with any questions.